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Solera | Apple Cider | 6.3%

Solera | Apple Cider | 6.3%

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Our Solera cider started in 2022 with a coferment of our estate apples (Fuji, Jonagold, Spartan, Liberty, Akane, and Melrose) and pears (Bosc, Bartlett, shinseiki) in an oak barrel.  We blended a portion of this barrel from 2022 with 2023 ciders including a spontaneous barrel ferment of wild foraged apples from the Nooksack Valley, and spontaneous ferment of cider apples sourced from WSU in Mount Vernon (Grindstone; Whitney Crab; Rene de Hatives; Micheline; Puget Spice; Liberty; Harrison; Margil;  Bramley's Seeding; Finkenwerder Herbsprintz; Lambrook Pippin; Major; Yarlington Mill; Stembridge Jersey; Mott Pink; Muscat de Dieppe; Ross Nonpareil; Hudson's Golden Gem; Harry Masters; Jersey; Taliaferro; Grimes Golden & Chisel Jersey).


This blend is dry, though some perceived sweetness can be attributed to sorbitol, which is naturally occurring in pears.  It has medium tannins, bright acidity and is a crowd pleaser.


6.3% ABV


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