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Ramato Frizzante | Pinot Gris Skin Contact | 13.3%

Ramato Frizzante | Pinot Gris Skin Contact | 13.3%

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Introducing Ramato Frizzante 2023, a captivating expression of Pinot Gris from the esteemed Strand Vineyard nestled in the picturesque Naches Heights AVA. Crafted through spontaneous fermentation, this sparkling gem embodies the essence of sustainability, sourced from a LIVE (low intervention viticulture & enology) and Salmon Safe certified vineyard dedicated to environmentally conscious practices. The grapes undergo a meticulous process, from sustainable farming to hand-harvesting, followed by crushing, destemming, and a skin maceration period that imparts depth and character. True to its roots, this unfiltered and unfined wine embraces a zero/zero ferment philosophy – no yeast pitch or sulfites added.

Ramato Frizzante is a testament to the artistry of winemaking and a celebration of nature's bounty. With a bold 13.3% ABV, this effervescent delight is perfect for your holiday table, offering a harmonious blend of dryness, grippy tannins, and an explosion of fruit-forward flavors. Share the joy with friends and family as you toast to the season with a glass of this sparkling wonder, a true embodiment of sustainable viticulture and uncompromising quality.

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