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Fruit Rescue | Apple Cider | 6.5%

Fruit Rescue | Apple Cider | 6.5%

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Introducing Fruit Rescue Community Cider, a refreshing and purposeful libation crafted in collaboration with the Northwest Fruit Rescue (NWFR). This extraordinary cider is more than just a drink—it's a commitment to sustainability and community well-being.

Harvested from various properties across Whatcom County, the table-grade fruits are generously donated to local hunger relief agencies, ensuring that no edible fruit goes to waste. The blemished fruits, deemed seconds, find a new purpose through our meticulous processing and fermenting techniques, resulting in a distinctive and delightful 6.5% ABV dry cider.

Inspired by the Basque cider-making tradition, this unique blend embodies the essence of community, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Pour it chilled and tall to unlock the full spectrum of flavors, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that combines crispness with a hint of complexity.

With each sip, you're not only indulging in a premium beverage but also supporting a worthy cause. Dive into the story behind each bottle by learning more about the Northwest Fruit Rescue, a local Whatcom County non-profit dedicated to reducing fruit waste and making a positive impact on our community.

Join us in savoring the spirit of Fruit Rescue Community Cider—where every pour is a celebration of local collaboration, environmental stewardship, and a commitment to making a difference. Cheers to a cider that not only tastes good but does good too!

Learn more about the NWFR.


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