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Wild Wild Horsé | Estate Dry Sparkling Rosé Wine | 10%

Wild Wild Horsé | Estate Dry Sparkling Rosé Wine | 10%

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Dry Sparkling Rosé 
Estate Pinot Noir

​Harvest Notes:  This estate pinot noir was harvested by hand during the last week of September 2022 when sugars were still relatively low at 17.2 Brix and the acidity was lively with a pH of 3.22 and a TA of 7.1 g/L. 

Fermentation & Bottling Notes:  The grapes were crushed and destemmed without sulfite additions and allowed to soak for 48 hours before being pressed.  The juice underwent a mixed culture fermentation and was aged in stainless steel for 4 months.  This lot was conditioned in kegs prior to being bottled by hand using counter-pressure bottle fillers to create a sediment free, spritzy experience.

Tasting Notes:  On the nose this wine is so full of bright red fruit and honey aromas that it may fool you into thinking it's a sweet wine. It even tastes of watermelon jolly ranchers served on volcanic slate--fruity with a subtle touch of minerality. The acidity is strong enough to reign your experience back into balance and the effervescence helps to accentuate the crisp, dry finish. 

Our thoughts:  This wine is a fun. Period. Drink it in the end-of-winter-I'm-sick-of-the-rain drizzle to help put a smile on your face or sip it when you're in that I'm-on-a-boat-in-the-sun-with-my-shades kind of mood and you feel like setting a new PR for happiness.

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