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Feral Grape Perry | Estate Perry | 12 Oz. | 6%

Feral Grape Perry | Estate Perry | 12 Oz. | 6%

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Our Feral Grape Perry was made from estate Bosc, D'anjou, Conference, Comice, and heritage pears pressed through estate Pinot Gris grape skins. The juice was collected in glass carboys and the remaining pomace was rehydrated with water from a glacial fed aquifer. 48 hours later, this was pressed again and the juice was captured in more glass carboys. No sulfites or yeast were added to these carboys and they were left to spontaneously ferment in the cool Fall temperatures.  Following fermentation, the small lots were blended together and carbonated in a stainless steel tank. They were then packaged in a combination of 750 ml and 355 ml bottles.

This perry is dry but fruity, with some of the sweeter pear flavors being offset by the acidity of the grapes. Notes of tropical fruit on the nose and palate and a touch of baking spices in the finish help add some depth and complexity to this rather unique beverage. Due to the blending back of the perrykin (the rehydrated second pressings) the alcohol is slightly tempered at just 6% ABV. This helps create an easy-drinking perry that should appeal to consumers for whom traditional perrys may be too sharp or tannic. Grab one of these and drink it in the sun today.

We suggest pairing this beverage with goat cheese and beet salad, thai curry, or grilled salmon.  

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